Residents do not want to maintain municipal media

Honorary Citizen of the city of Dzerzhinsky, former director of the TPP-22, chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Nikolo-Ugreshsky Monastery, Ivan Kozlov, called on the New Year not to pay for cable television DMUP "Information Center" (IC) if the IC does not provide calculation of the expenses of...

California residents opposed the legalization of marijuana

Most residents of California voted against the bill on the legalization of marijuana in this state. Thus, according to the “CNN” of the ECZ-Pols, the new bill, which is also known as “Proposition 19” (which translates as “Proposal 19”) was not supported by 57% of voters, as for supporters of...

Ahead of Kyrgyzstan

A press conference of the President of the Research Center "Economics and Value" Manuk Yergnyan was held at the International Press Center, which presented the main results of the "World report for 2017/18. On information technologies ". This report has been published annually for 9 years by the World Economic...


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