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“Ruska Truth”

I agree with you that let's with a joint efforts we will throw the frame of the future state structure of Rusa. Also, in order to move on to the specifics, let's start from your 7 points, which are just the most common and formulated. And then it is already...

Residents do not want to maintain municipal media

Honorary Citizen of the city of Dzerzhinsky, former director of the TPP-22, chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Nikolo-Ugreshsky Monastery, Ivan Kozlov, called on the New Year not to pay for cable television DMUP "Information Center" (IC) if the IC does not provide calculation of the expenses of...

History of the discovery and development of modern Canada

Canada is one of the most developed countries in the world and is famous for its well-established immigration policy. Today, Canada is an English-speaking country where people come in search of work and a good life. Before you go to this country, you need to know its history.

Where it all began

Canada, like the United States, was originally inhabited by Indians and Inuit. Canada was settled from Alaska from Eastern Siberia, which was connected by the shallow Bering Strait. The indigenous tribes had their own culture, way of life and customs. They were nomads, constantly moving in search of food. The main occupation of the tribes was hunting and fishing, and permanent settlements were very rare.

The first Europeans to discover Canada for themselves and the whole world were the Vikings. Like all Europeans, the Vikings tried to colonize this country. Later, after the discovery of America by Columbus, in the 1400s, Europeans began to come more often to the territory of the modern USA and Canada to study it more thoroughly. The French began the global colonization of that Canada. The first name was “New France”, but the explorer Jean Cartier, during his work on the mainland, gave this place the name Canada. It gave rise to the development of these territories.

As Canada began to develop, other explorers and colonizers began to come here. The Spaniards, Portuguese and other Europeans began to push the French out of different places in Canada and take them under their patronage. The French continued to settle entire cities, live together with the Indians, and introduce Catholicism.

Due to the active development of Canada by the French, relations between France and England deteriorated greatly. A war began that affected not only the European part, but also their colonies. As a result of a long war, Canada went to the British, despite the fact that French settlements were in the majority here. And although the territory became English, the settlements remained French. Differences in culture and religion led to new wars and new disputes, which led to the division of territories. And only in the 1800s. a new state of Canada, independent from Britain, began to form, which united its two parts. At the end of the 1800s. gold deposits were found, which gave impetus to a new history, the formation of new cities, the development and expansion of already formed ones. From that moment on, Canada began to transform into the country we know it today.


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